Yellow or white taxi toplights
Yellow or white taxi toplights
Yellow or white taxi toplights
Yellow or white taxi toplights
Yellow or white taxi toplights
Yellow or white taxi toplights
Record Taximeter

LED Rooflights

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15 years ago when Record Taximeter was actively running its own fleet, we saw a need for a superior roof light. One that wouldn't need to be replaced every year. We succeeded, and we stand behind our product so strongly we've given it a Warranty, something no other manufacturer can do.


MEDIUM LOW - 23.5 Inch Long / 3 Inch High / 6.25 Inch Wide
ASH - 23.5 Inch Long / 5 Inch High / 6.25 Inch Wide
ROCKY - 24 Inch Long / 5 Inch High / 8 Inch Wide
BOX TOP - 24 Inch Long / 7.5 Inch High / 8 Inch Wide


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Built from high quality LEXAN poly-carbonate, our taxi top lights are designed with over 35 years of experience in the taxi industry. Having used traditional top lights for years with our own fleet we know firsthand how troublesome it is to constantly have vehicles come back to the garage for new light bulbs or a new light entirely because of a stray rock.

15 years ago we set out to design a roof light that was more durable and lasted much longer than traditional top lights. We explored using new materials and new manufacturing processes and decided on injection molded lexan, which allowed us to maintain the durability we required.

The top light shell is injection molded and made with a custom formulated lexan poly-carbonate, allowing it to withstand well beyond what any taxi would encounter. Each production run has 3 units tested for durability. Tests include extreme heat, severe cold and impact. Our design and process allows for any environment the world can offer without issue. Even strikes from a sledgehammer or being run over by a vehicle do not cause failure.

Our lights are sealed enclosures where the base fits inside of the top shell, providing a water resistant seal which no other top light manufacturer uses. Our process allows for a top light to have a significantly longer running life than any other top light on the market today. In addition to this, we also employ water resistant, outdoor rated LED lights manufactured by Record Taximeter which have been tested by immersion in water for a period of 4 months without failure.

Because of the confidence in our engineering and manufacturing, we are proud to offer the longest warranty on taxi top lights on the market. 2 years, on the shell as well as the LED strip. Under normal wear and tear you can expect a top light shipped from us to last several years without need for maintenance.

Top lights are also available with several options.

  •  - Decals
  •  - Magnets
  •  - Custom colours
  •  - Cigarette lighter plugs
  •  - Quick connect/disconnect


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