Record Taximeter android companion app on the google play store
Opening screen of the Record Taximeter companion app
Trip statistics for taxi trips on the Record Taximeter companion app
Settings for the Record Taximeter companion app
Settings for the Record Taximeter companion app

Companion App

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Android based and links to your Record CG3 Taximeter via Bluetooth to enable your meter to do more than just trips. Digital receipts, speech, programming and more. Free, on the Google Play store.

The Record Companion App is the first of its kind. This Android app will pair with your Record CG3 via Bluetooth to give your meter features and access meters could only have with expensive dispatch terminals. 

The companion app was built from scratch by our engineering staff here at Record Taximeter. We understood that more functionality for your fleet gives you better flexibility when it comes to simple things such as rate changes and tracking drivers. 

Standard features include:

  •  - Digital Recepits for customers (email, text, dropbox and more)
  •  - Statistical tracking of drivers 
  •  - Wireless rate changes (Check with your municipality office)
  •  - Voice read out of meter charges (for visual impaired passengers)
  •  - Wireless programming of meters
  •  - Built in tech support button
  •  - Available to add Cloud Dispatch solution (Coming Fall 2017)

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