Due to shipping delays and part availability some products may be limited in quantities and are being manufactured as parts arrive. Thank you for your patience.
Due to shipping delays and part availability some products may be limited in quantities and are being manufactured as parts arrive. Thank you for your patience.
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Record CG3 Bluetooth Taximeter for taxi fleets
Record CG3 Bluetooth Taximeter for taxi fleets
Record CG3 Taximeter wiring harness
Record CG3 Taximeter Wiring Harness
Record CG3 Taximeter Data Communications Port
Record Taximeter

CG3 Bluetooth Taximeter Complete

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Record CG3 Taximeter


Link with our new Cloud based dispatching system

Bluetooth and USB are standard features features to allow for more modernized fleet utilization with cloud systems. In addition to dispatching systems. Integrated payments, wireless receipts, app payments.

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The Record CG3 Taximeter, a revolution in customer focused design. With integrated USB and Bluetooth, the CG3 allows for expansion to fit whatever setup out customers require, while leaving room for expansion into future needs without having to buy a new meter.

The record CG3 was designed with the future in mind. We took feedback and customer reviews over the course of 5 years, and through research and development and produced a solution that met both the needs of the customer the fleet in the present, in addition to future needs that will arise. 

Record CG3 is designed and manufactured in house, all steps of production are monitored by record technologies staff.

All units go through a rigorous QA process to ensure consistent reliability in the field, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product, through our engineering staff.

  •  - Available with 6 rates as standard, (more if required)
  •  - Built in rooflight relay
  •  - Built in signal conditioning
  •  - Built in signal filtering
  •  - Built in Bluetooth
  •  - Built in USB
  •  - Built in automatic light sensor
  •  - Built in error correction
  •  - 256bit AES encryption
  •  - 32 ARM processor
  •  - 9 pin connector for communications (CANVSS, Dispatch, DDS, Mobile knowledge, MTData, iCabbi and more)
  •  - Anti glare display
  •  - Frabs ABS construction (flame retardant)
  •  - Remote rate changes, and updates (via companion app, Bluetooth, or USB)
  •  - Auto rate changes
  •  - Speed limit programmable
  •  - Password security
  •  - Lightweight
  •  - Electronic and physical sealing
  •  - Daily and total stats
  •  - Holds up to 1000 trips, (more if needed)
  •  - Calibration confirmation
  •  - Plug and play installation via Blackcat Adapter
  •  - Wireless connectivity to printers and data terminals
  • - Link with our new cloud dispatching system

Our meter comes with an unmatched 2 year manufacturers warranty against defects. If your meter is having problems and cannot be solved over the phone, our engineering and technical staff will go over the meter with our proprietary testing equipment to find the problem, and if it cannot be fixed the unit will be replaced, reprogrammed, and sent back to you.

Many of our meters have been in service in excess of 20 years, coming back every one in a while to replace burnt out display with the entire meter still functioning.

While we offer a 2 year warranty, claims are extremely rare, most meters having been in service longer than 5 years without issue. Thoroughly stress against heat, cold, vibration, EM interference, humidity, heavy use, and tampering.

Meters are physically and electronically sealed against tampering by drivers and customers. Physical tampering is not possible without severe cosmetic damage. Electronic sealing is accomplished through several means, the USB port is disabled unless the meter is in programming mode, debug port secured such that if tampered with the meter becomes unusable. Once debug tamper safeties have triggered, only record technologies staff can unlock the units. Unit cannot be dissembled without removing physical seal (or physical cosmetic damage). Remote wireless access to software is done through AES 256 encryption by authorized persons only.

Accuracy standards is built to exceed National conference on weights and measures standards by 200%.

Meters are connected to the vehicle in one of two ways, first, using the VSS (Vehicle speed sensor, speed wire) or through direct CANBUS interface via Record Technologies Blackcat Adapter (OBDII adapter) using vehicle speed data to do distance and speed calculations. CANBUS is more accurate than VSS, as the CANBUS gives the actual speed, instead of calibrated pulse count from the VSS.


- Meter comes complete with harness, programming pin, hex nut and seal screw.

 - Meter is considered to be an electronic device with the responsibility of proper installation upon the user/installer. For this reason, this item is non-returnable.

Record Taximeter Infographic



Record CG3 User Guide Version 1.34

Record CG3 Setup Guide Version 1.21

Record CG3 Blackcat Setup Guide

Click here for Rates File Generator

Click here for Taximeter Infographic

Click here for video on how to program using buttons

Click here for video on how to program using USB

Click here for video on how to program using the Companion App

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