OBDII adapter that uses vehicle data for taximeter installations
Record Taximeter

Blackcat OBDII Adapter

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Using pulse counts are a thing of the past. Our Blackcat adapter uses the data provided from your vehicles OBDII port and plugs directly into the CG3 Taximeter allowing speed and distance calculations to be more accurate than traditional pulse counts.

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Having had our own fleet for more than 25 years we understand how long it can take to install equipment, so we sought to improve on the standard process that has been around for many years. With this system, you no longer need to dig around the wiring harness of the vehicle to find a VSS wire to then do your measured mile for calibration. No setup or calibration is required with the Blackcat. Just plug in and your CG3 Taximeter will read the vehicle data and automatically make speed and distance calculations 10 times per second, making them the most accurate method for installation on the market. No measured miles. No pulse counts. No wiring diagrams. No more time wasted with the installation process to get a vehicle on the road.

*Compatible with vehicles 2007 and newer.

*Compatible with Record CG3 Meters using serial number higher than 31000. 

Record CG3 Blackcat Adapter Setup Guide

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