Due to shipping delays and part availability some products may be limited in quantities and are being manufactured as parts arrive. Thank you for your patience.
Due to shipping delays and part availability some products may be limited in quantities and are being manufactured as parts arrive. Thank you for your patience.
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Founded in a garage in 1976, Victor Collinson started out by working on taxi equipment installations for fleets around Calgary. Soon this garage was too small and had to move on to bigger and better things, including an official location. 

This new location allowed us the freedom to expand into operating a fleet of our own. With 70 cars this location and several family members working together we became a thriving family business. However this location was still not big enough to accommodate all of the mechanical work and maintenance on the vehicles. So we moved again, in 1988.



At our new location we expanded to allow for auto body work and more intricate mechanical work. We also became a dealer for many taxi equipment products, making us the largest supplier of taxi equipment in all of Canada. This trend continued until 2004 when we purchased Record Taximeter and moved from running our own fleet of taxi cabs to taxi equipment manufacturing. 

In 2005 all of the paperwork was done and all Record Taximeter staff were brought on board. We began to manufacture our own brand of products in-house that were more robust and more reliable than the competitors. Having total control of every aspect of production, from parts to manufacturing and sales. We began to take on new goals and aspirations which were to become the largest supplier of taxi equipment in North America.  

In 2012 Victor's sons started to take a more active role in the business. Matt and Cale started to revamp the business for the modern age. We had been working on what the taxi industry needs next, and we succeeded. We launched the only taximeter with Bluetooth and USB on the market, allowing us to interact and connect with digital devices which was where the industry was moving towards.

In 2016 the building we had grown to love over the last 25 years was unfortunately no longer able to keep the business going in the way we needed. We needed a cleaner environment for our brand new manufacturing equipment. So we packed everything up and moved down the street to our current location. 

Now 2017 we are all settled down in our new location where we manufacture and design all of our products in-house. Taximeters,  taxi top lights, Blackcat adapters and now software systems including our Google Cloud based dispatch system. 

Industry Firsts:



It all started with adding USB. Meters of the day were programmed by hand, using the Trip start and stop buttons, or with costly ROM chips. Starting with the CG3 Taximeter in 2013 we were the first to add USB programming, taking the time to program a meter down from hours, to just a few minutes. Next, with the Record CG3, we integrated Bluetooth directly onto our boards, not only can we now communicate with android devices for expanded services like text and email receipts, fleet owners can now program a meter in seconds with no training. Now with our meters connected to the cloud via an android device, our Google Cloud powered dispatching system allows for unprecedented levels of integration. 


Why do we use 32 bit ARM processors in every Record CG3? Because reliability and usability are the most important thing in meter. A meter absolutely cannot have problems, a driver should never have to say to a customer "sorry, computers a little slow today". So not only are we the first company using a 32 bit high power ARM processor, we're the only one. Our processor has also allowed us to integrate our meters with android devices, and has left plenty of room overhead for future expansion. 


Record Taximeter started in the taxi industry with a small fleet of our own. The best Roof lights of the day had a life of about 6 months, we thought this was unacceptable. Today, our  taxi top lights use a custom formulated poly-carbonate, instead of the pressed Plexiglas of yesteryear. We are so proud of our formulation, we offer a 1 year warranty, longer even than the lifespan of many of our competitors equipment. Our custom poly-carbonate has been formulated to endure extreme heat and cold, stand up against rock chips, and even bird strikes. We double seal every assembly against weather to ensure our top light outlasts the vehicle it's put onto.