Setting the Standard for 40+ years.

Proudly located in Canada, we at Record Taximeter Design, Engineer, and Manufacture all of our products in house. Our parts are sourced from Canadian suppliers wherever possible. We pride ourselves on selling the most advanced equipment, with the best features, for a competitive price. Our state of the art circuit board manufacturing facility has given us the quality control required to be the only taxi equipment manufacturer able to offer a 2 year warranty, our proof to you that we stand behind our products.

As a family business having been involved in the taxi industry for over 40 years, we know having the best equipment on the road that provides the best service to the customer is the most important thing a fleet can do. With our industry leading line of products like our Record CG3 Taximeter to our full Google Cloud dispatch system we have your fleet covered with everything your fleet needs to be successful for the modern age.


Tested against heat, cold, water, gravel and bird strikes. We use custom formulated polycarbonate, which allows for even light distribution, and extreme durability. All of our lights are then double sealed against the elements.

Companion app

Another first, our Companion App allows the driver to send receipts via Text message or Email to the customer. Drivers can view their recent trips for logging purposes. Fleet owners can use the app to reprogram meters, set new rates, monitor driver statistics, and get support for our products.


The Record CG3 was designed with the future in mind. We took feedback and customer reviews over the course of about 5 years through research and development and produced a solution that met both the needs of the customer the fleet in the present, in addition to future needs that will arise.

Project Blackcat

An industry first, Project Blackcat. Where other meters need to tear into the vehicles wiring harness to access the Speed wire, our blackcat adapter allows the user to connect our meter directly to the vehicle computer, via the OBDII port (OBDII ports are standard on every vehicle made since 2007)

Custom solutions

Many cities have specific bylaws regarding how Taxis are to operate. Some ares mandate having physical receipts, others require meters that speak out charge every time it increases. Record Taximeter has worked with fleets all over the world, and we have solutions in place to meet the specific needs of your area, contact us today to see what solution we can provide for you.


Dispatch Software

Cloud based and working to make your fleet more efficient. Our dispatching system will allow you to take your fleet into the future with abilities like automatic zone bookings and automatic trip logging.