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Customer assumes responsibility that their vehicle has a speed sensor signal or CANBUS interface.

I am an existing customer in need of product support, what do I do?

All product support documentation is available for download at the bottom of this page. Should you require any more support or information, please contact us directly.

What advantages does the CG3 offer that was not present in the CG2?

The CG3 comes complete with more powerful, 32-bit capability and higher operating speeds. This translates in a more capable, reliable and robust product. For example, the product provides:

  • Built-in USB port that provides for quick and easy software updates and information uploads to other USB devices, such as USB flash-drives

  • Built in Integrated Bluetooth

  • Detailed data storage capabilities

  • Detailed trip storage and tracking

  • Greater rate configuration possibilities available for customer convenience, and where customers require custom rate-setups, we are able to quickly provide software updates to keep you operational

  • Automatic error-detection and correction that prevents taxi downtime

  • The ability to handle extremely high Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) signal pulse-rates.

  • Long-term product support thanks to a design that utilizes only modern parts (NO fear of product obsolescence)

Also, the power supply and roof light controller unit is now built into the display unit, which eliminates some of the bulkiness of the CG2, leading to significantly lower shipping costs and a simplified installation routine.

I have never heard of Record Technologies, are you a new company?

We are an established company with a new name. Originally operating as Mr. Speedometer, we have serviced the taxi industry for several decades, and are an established, well-trusted parts provider for a large number of satisfied clients across North America.

Do you use parts from Asia?

Record Technologies is a proud North American company operating out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with the ability to serve customers in both Canada and the USA. To eliminate the possibility of low quality, counterfeit parts ending up in our products, we have a strict policy of only purchasing electronics and mechanical components through highly visible and trusted suppliers that guarantee product authenticity. All of our components are purchased from distributers located in the USA and Canada, and our products are assembled here in Calgary by Record Technologies staff.

Do you still sell the CG2? And can I still get support for my CG2 unit through you?

Yes, we still sell the CG2, and will continue to provide support for this durable meter for many years to come.

I am a smaller company, what kind of monitoring system do I need to operate the CG3?

The good news is that there are now many options available to customers of all sizes, thanks to our increased partnerships with dispatching-systems manufacturers. Our taximeter has been proven compatible with a number of proprietary and open-source products, which includes the latest trends of utilizing Android tablets and cloud-based solutions. It's really as simple as the customer choosing a dispatch system they are comfortable with, and we will then work closely with their manufacturer of choice to provide compatibility. We work co-operatively with our customers and dispatching companies in order to provide a solution that fits the customer's needs.

Why doesn't the CG3 have a printer? What do I do for receipts?

Over many years, the trend we have been witnessing throughout the industry is a move away from printers at the taximeter side, to mobile dispatch terminals, which more aptly handles all transaction processing, and receipt printing.

For volume customers who prefer to continue to use a taximeter printer, we are able to make our taximeter work with specific printer models of the customer's choosing, thanks to the inclusion of RS-232 and Integrated Bluetooth / USB (RecordCG3 model only) serial ports. Because of the wide number of printer manufacturers and models available, we prefer to let the customer to choose a model of their preference, and will be happy to assist in this process. Please contact us if this is a route you wish to pursue.

I have unique rates that change quite often, can the CG3 be programmed easily to manage my needs?

Yes. The CG3 can be programmed to work for any rate, and is fairly easy to do. Setting this up is as easy as programming a digital cable box.

Do I need an expert installer for the CG3?

No, our products are so easy to install and program, you should be able to do it on your own with the guidance of the support documents provided here. If you do have any problems, our support staff is available to assist you every step of the way, just contact us.

What kind of warranty comes with these products?

Our meters come with a two-year warranty on parts and one-year warranty on the power supply.

Does this unit work on newer cars that do not have a speedometer cable?

The CG2 and CG3 meters were designed to work on the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) signal of any of the newer type cars. Hook-up information for your specific model is available when ordering a meter. Also, the meter will work great on the traditional T-Block or transducer.

Do I need a signal divider when hooking the meter to my car's VSS signal?

All of the necessary signal filtering and amplification is built into the meter, which eliminates the need for a divider. Vehicles with very high-pulse counts and/or weak signals are no problem for the Record CG3, thanks to a design built upon many years of development and improvement.

Will the CG3 meter fit in my car?

The meter's compact size will fit all cars in a functional, stylish manner. A bracket to tilt the meter at the correct angle might be preferred on some installs.

Other manufacturers promote their metal cases, why should I settle for a plastic case?

The meter was designed with a combination of ABS & polycarbonate, the same material used in your phone, which makes it extremely tough & will last for many years, through a series of different cars.

Will this meter drain my car battery when it's not being used?

The meter goes into an energy save mode after the car has been stationary for 5 minutes. Battery drain over weeks of time will hardly be noticed.

What does the CG3 cost?

We offer volume-pricing options. Contact us for more details.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Feel free to contact us directly with any remaining questions you have, or to place an order.

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